Huge Stamford (CT) Home Explosion Causes Fires

Update 7:45 p.m.: Officials say ( the homeowner was outside the house, in the rear of the property at the time of the explosion. He was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

There continues to be a controlled burn on the property due to a nearby propane tank.

Original Story: A massive home explosion in Stamford, Connecticut, leveled one structure and set at least three homes on fire.

A large plume of smoke could be seen from 30 to 40 miles away, according to CBS ( Initial reports said some sort of large propane tank inside the home ignited and devastated the home as it blew up and out.

Firefighters from multiple agencies are responding to the scene.

Windows, cinderblocks and other debris from the home can be seen up to 40 yards away, indicating the force of the blast.

There is no word on injuries.


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