Humpday Hangout: Fires in Strip Malls

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, the crew will discuss various, different scenarios and obstacles involved in fighting strip mall fires, focusing on the two-story buildings with offices or living quarters. 


  • Bill Gustin, Captain, Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Department
  • Mike Dugan, Captain (Ret.), Fire Department of New York
  • Clark Lamping, Captain, Clark County (NV) Fire Department
  • Jason Hoevelmann, Battalion Chief, Florissant Valley (MO) Fire Protection District
  • Daryl Liggins, Captain, City of Oakland (CA)
  • Dan Shaw, Battalion Chief, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue Department
  • Sam Hittle, Lieutenant, Wichita (KS) Fire Department




Key Hose

Sponsored by Key Fire Hose:

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