Humpday Hangout: Survivability, Search, and VEIS

Can your department conduct simultaneous interior search and vent-enter isolate-search (VEIS) operations? Recent research and our own experience has taught us to not to be so quick to write off victims at fires that appear to be not survivable.  Most of us have arrived at dwelling fires that appear to be fully involved when we later find a closet,  bed room , or bathroom that remained unscathed and survivable, with temperatures, oxygen levels, and toxic gas concentrations that could sustain an occupant who took refuge. Since most of the nation’s Fire service is suburban and understaffed, many fire departments do not have the personnel to conduct interior search and VEIS operations simultaneously.  Consequently, departments may be faced with the decision to initiate VEIS at the expense of conducting an interior search.

Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel discuss victim survivability, search, and VEIS, including considering conditions and situations that indicate VEIS may be more productive than an interior search. To ask a question or comment on the discussion, write a tweet or post and include the #FEtalk hashtag.


FirefighterNation: Clackamas (OR) firefighters describe a rescue, bailout during a 2017 fire

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