Humpday Hangout: UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute Updates

This week, four members of the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI)–Dan Madrzykowski, Keith Stakes Dr. Craig Weinschenk, and Robin Zevotek–join Bobby Halton to discuss their ongoing research. Topics include introducing the newest addition to the team, Dr. Craig Weinschenk, and discussing current campaigns, as well as Training Fires Research as Part of the 2014 Grant Awarded to FSRI by FEMA/DHS.   


UL FSRI Launches Positive Pressure Attack Online Training Program

UL FSRI Launches Residential Attic and Exterior Fire Hazards Online Training Program

IFSI Research Center Releases Interim Report on Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Risks in Modern Firefighting Project

Humpday Hangout: Fire Research: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Project

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