IAFC Re-Issues Call for 100,000 Firefighters to Go to Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. – The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) has re-issued the call for 100,000 uniformed fire service personnel to participate in a Procession of Honor immediately prior to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation Memorial Service on Sunday, October 6, 2002 in Washington, D.C.

In re-issuing the request, the IAFC urged the nation’s fire service to recognize the sacrifice of so many colleagues at the annual memorial weekend observance, which this year will commemorate the most devastating year the fire service has ever experienced.

The IAFC joins with the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation in asking that all departments who wish to participate in the Procession of Honor please register as soon as possible in order to allow the NFFF to plan for such difficult logistical issues as traffic management, security, staging area requirements and personnel movement. Some facilities and equipment must be reserved weeks in advance, so it is essential that the organizers be able to estimate total numbers of participants as accurately as possible.

Final details of the actual Memorial and the Procession of Honor are still being formulated, but a preliminary outline of what departments may expect is outlined below. Some details may be subject to change.

Procession of Honor

  • Date: Sunday, October 6, 2002
  • Time: 11:00am EDT (to approximately 12:30pm EDT)
  • Route: Approximately 10 blocks in downtown DC alongside the National Mall. Lineup begins on Constitution Avenue at 14th St.
  • Ends at MCI center where participants move to positions adjacent to MCI Center (outside) to view the Memorial Service on special TV Jumbotrons set up for the purpose.
  1. Honor Guard Units
  2. Bag Pipe Units
  3. Line of Duty Death Departments (LODD) Families in special vans or buses
  4. Uniformed fire service personnel from departments that had a LODD
  5. Followed by Non-LODD uniformed personnel who will fall in behind the last vans from their places along the parade route

Sea of Blue
First-arriving non-LODD departmental participants in dress uniform who wish to attend will be asked to line each side of the streets the procession will travel (approximately 10 blocks long), shoulder-to-shoulder, facing into the street. The procession of families will pass between the two lines on their way to the Memorial service at MCI Center.

Additional honor procession personnel beyond what is needed to line the streets will stage on Constitution Avenue at 14th Street and will follow en masse immediately after the family vans.

Sea of Blue personnel along the streets will remain in place until the last unit in the family procession has passed by, and then will fall in line behind the last fire service personnel to proceed to MCI Center.

Upon reaching the MCI Center, members of the Procession of Honor will split off right and left to holding areas, where they will have an opportunity to view the Memorial Service broadcast on Jumbotron television screens.

Immediately following the service, fire service participants will proceed to a large hosted reception at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Other Details

  • Uniform: Dress uniform
  • Apparatus: No apparatus will be allowed in the Procession of Honor and there will be no available parking for any oversize vehicles. Please do not bring them.
An Important Note about the Memorial Service
The actual service inside the MCI Center, which will serve as this year’s NFFF Memorial event, will be exclusively a family and LODD department event. Unfortunately, the number of families and direct participants involved in this year’s commemoration, along with the space restrictions of the MCI venue, will not allow for general fire service attendance inside the facility. That is why large Jumbotron Screens will be in place outside the MCI center so that attendees will be able to view the entire memorial service live, but not able to be inside the facility.

Registration to Participate in Honor Procession
For those who have not yet responded and are planning to attend, it is essential that you
provide the following information by EMAIL (news@iafc.org) or Fax: to (703) 273-9363:

  • Department name
  • Contact name (please list one person who will serve as the main contact for the department)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Number of personnel attending
Local Travel Resources
Capital Reservations – (DC Convention/Visitors Bureau) 1-800-VISIT DC (1-800-847-4832) 8:30-6:30M-F
“Visit DC” Webs ite: www.washington.org.

For more information, contact Lisa Plummer, IAFC PR Assistant, (703) 273-0911, ext 305, lplummer@iafc.org or visit www.firehero.org.

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