Fire Engineering, ISFSI announce formal partnership

Fire Engineering and PennWell, producers of the world’s greatest firefighter training conference and exhibition, the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), proudly announce the formalized partnership between the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and Fire Engineering‘s FDIC. The agreement, signed September 16 in the Fair Lawn, New Jersey, office of Fire Engineering, expresses in writing what has long has existed, a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between the instructors of the American fire service, represented by the ISFSI, and Fire Engineering/FDIC. FDIC is again the home of the International Association of Fire Service Instructors–now and in the future.

These two leading organizations in fire service instruction have combined in the past to support one another in extending world-class quality fire service education and producing world-class quality fire service educators. The ISFSI, which holds its national members meeting at the FDIC annually in Indianapolis, Indiana, is proud to announce that Pennwell Corporation, parent company of Fire Engineering, is extending to all society members a 10% discount on the full conference registration to FDIC. The ISFSI is also presenting an eight-hour workshop on developing fire service instructional methodology.

This year’s FDIC, April 20-25, 2009, promises to be the largest, most comprehensive, and most beneficial training opportunity nationally and internationally for all levels of fire service practitioners. FDIC will be hosting more than 24 hands-on training evolutions, 34 preconference workshops, and more than 160 classroom presentations. The ISFSI and Fire Engineering are proud to be working together to bring the very best in quality education to firefighters from around the world.

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