Illinois Firefighter Suffering from ALS Creates Awareness Video

Chief Patrick J Kenny
Director of Fire and EMS
Village of Western Springs, IL

Lieutenant Dick Jacobson is one of my paid on-call lieutenants here in Western Springs, Illinois. He was diagnosed with ALS, and along with his family he battles daily the ravages of this disease that has rendered his body incapacitated.

His mind, though, is as sharp as ever. In all his pain he has not lost his sense of humor. To that end, he made this video with the hope that it would make you laugh, think about this disease and how lucky you are to be able-bodied, and help him reach his goal of raising $1,000,000.

Watch it all the way to the end so you can see how to donate. Dick Jacobson is a fine fire lieutenant but he’s a better husband, dad, and now grandpa. So if you’re part of the brotherhood or know a firefighter please share this video and donate!

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