IN Firefighters Deal with Exploding Ammo at House Fire

Indianapolis (IN) firefighters had to deal with exploding ammunition while battling a residential fire Wednesday night in Franklin Township.

FOX 59 News reports ( that calls about the fire came in around 10:30 p.m., and when crews arrived on scene, they found fire coming from the front of the home.

The homeowner and her three children escaped the fire and alerted firefighters to the presence of ammo on the premises.

Some of the .40 caliber ammunition that was housed in the garage exploded on account of the heat of the fire. The explosions delayed firefighting operations for a time.

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The presence of ammunition in a home is a reminder of the various obstacles and factors firefighters may encounter when responding to what may be consider “routine” residential fires. Also, the sound of ammo going off may set firefighters on edge, especially in the wake of the deadly assault on firefighters on Christmas Eve in Webster, New York. For more on the effects of heat on stored ammunition, consider Video on Effects of Fire on Stored Ammunition.


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