Mayday, Indy Firefighters Hurt in Fall at House Fire

Indianapolis firefighter at the window during a house fire


A Mayday was declared and three Indianapolis (IN) firefighters sustained minor injuries in a fall on the fireground Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Tom Dolan shared some photos from the fire scene.

According to Indy Battalion Chief and PIO Rita Reith, crews were operating at a working fire in an abandoned residence when the spongy second-story floor gave way. Three firefighters fell approximately 10 feet to the first floor. A Mayday was established but rescinded after all three members were quickly brought out of the structure by other crews. The injured members were transported to be checked out for back, elbow, and foot pain, along with slight burns to an ear.

In the photo above, Battalion Chief/Safety Officer Ted Waldroup pears out second floor window as a flashover subsides behind him.

More videos and photos from this fire at


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