Low Water Pressure Hampers Indianapolis (IN) Firefighting Efforts

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The local water company is investigating problems with water pressure that hampered firefighters working at an intense overnight warehouse fire in Indianapolis, Indiana. Only one water main feeds the hydrants in the area, resulting in low water pressure.

According to an official, the water main there is only 12 inches and nd there aren’t any other mains that connect to it. The water company was able to increase pressure in it by 10 pounds, but couldn’t add any more for fear of it bursting.

The company also suggested this is not an isolated problem, but one that may affect numerous older neighborhoods in the city. Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department officials stressed that they are not blaming the water company for the problem, telling 24-Hour News 8 that the amount of equipment needed to fight the fire made it impossible for the aged water main to keep up.

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