Indianapolis (IN) Firefighters Battle Fire at Oil Filter Recycling Facility

By Lt. Bonnie Hensley, PIO

 Indianapolis (IN) Firefighters Battle Fire at Oil Filter Recycling Facility

Two employees were in the building at All-Pro Scrap in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 18 when their industrial shredder caught fire. The employees said they attempted to fight the fire, but the “fluff” reignited. The employees fled the building and called 911, along with many neighbors who immediately spotted the heavy black smoke.

The fire was already through the roof before the arrival of the Indianapolis Fire Department (FD). With witnesses telling them there was no one inside, IFD set up with 2 ½-inch handlines and two aerial ladder operations to “surround and drown” the structure, which is partially collapsed. Code Enforcement responded to assess the structure’s integrity. The IFD Hazardous Materials Team was dispatched to lay down batting and construct temporary dams to restrict the flow of oil in the runoff from entering the storm sewers. The Marion County Public Health Department was assessing the neighborhood with IDEM after reports from neighbors of oil entering basements and crawlspaces.

The last fire IFD responded to at this address was March 12, 2013. The conveyor belt leading up to the shredder caught fire and was extinguished with one handline.

One firefighter was slightly hurt in a fall on ice. The building and equipment was deemed a total loss and damage was estimated at $750,000.

See additional photos from the scene HERE.

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