Injured Oklahoma Firefighters Discuss School Fire

Several Tulsa (OK) firefighters are now speaking about their experiences at the Barnard Elementary School building fire. The dangerous fire had two are explosions that nearly killed some of the crew, reports

“We had knocked it down initially from the outside,” Capt. Sivadon told KRMG. “It looked like a pretty routine fire. We’d kind of knocked it down a little bit, and we were gonna go inside, go down and find the door where it was at, open the door and put it out. We’ve made hundreds of fires like that. No indicators of any explosions or anything that just struck us weird.”

He continued, “Little did we know that there was smoke and combustion in that crawl space beneath us and above us in that attic space. So as soon as we opened the door, that let air in to it and forced the fire underneath us, and that was the first explosion, which was a backdraft underneath us. That’s what knocked us off our feet. About five seconds later, the attic went off and that’s what pushed the fire down on top of us.

“It was just all of a sudden, we were knocked down and then we’re on fire, we’re burning.”

The seven men inside and one standing at the exterior door were subjected to temperatures estimated at 1800 degrees fahrenheit, according to ATF investigators.

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