Investigators: No Defect in Ambulance that Injured Brewster (MA) Firefighters

Investigators have found no mechanical reason why a former Dennis ambulance used to carry rescue dive team equipment rolled down a boat ramp and injured two firefighters, reports the Cape Cod Times.

On Tuesday, Dennis firefighter Dan O’Connell and Brewster firefighter Dan Kimball, both 45, were injured when the former ambulance rolled backward while a team of 20 firefighters from several departments were engaged in dive rescue training at around 2:15 p.m. at a boat ramp leading to Sheep Pond.

The vehicle caught the rope tied to Kimball and O’Connell, Eldredge said.

O’Connell was slammed down into the water but he got free quickly, Eldredge said. Kimball was dragged and trapped underwater, he said. Kimball had his diving gear on so he could breathe, but he was trapped for a period of time, Eldredge said.

His injuries appeared serious enough to bring him by MedFlight to Boston Medical Center. The hospital was expected to release him Friday.

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