ISFSI Elects New President

The following is his statement to the membership of the ISFSI as the incoming President:

As your incoming President, I present myself as an 18-year student and educator of the fire & emergency services, having served as an active member of the ISFSI since 1988. As Chief of Fire Training for Savannah Fire & Emergency Services in Savannah, Georgia, I actively perform the duties of an instructor both locally and nationally. An instructor at heart, I am honored to continue my service to the members of the ISFSI with our new Board, representing instructors and trainers from both coasts, middle America, and Canada.

My goals for the next two years are driven by a powerful phrase commonly used in fire service training programs across the country – “learn from the past, train for the future.” This phrase has served me well throughout my career and I believe it’s this mindset that can be the driving force of “OUR” future.

The ISFSI of old once assumed a position atop the fire service as a model for membership organizations. Today, “WE” are a group of instructors working independently to achieve our goals both locally and nationally. It’s my goal to unify this group of talented individuals to once again become a recognized force of change and forward progression for the fire service.

As the newly elected President of the ISFSI, I challenge “OUR” Board and “OUR” members to become active in our pursuit of fire service excellence. In years past “WE” were an organization led and driven by a group of great innovators who brought credit to the fire service and great rewards to the ISFSI members. Now is the time for the next generation of innovators to step forward and bring about the same drive and passion that has served us so well. Your Board represents new faces, new names, and many new ideas untarnished by our past. I challenge each of you to assist us in developing the tools and training necessary to meet your needs both locally and nationally for a safer, more productive future.

As a member of “OUR” new ISFSI, I respectfully request your support in enhancing our membership benefits to meet the needs of our ever-changing profession. As an active member you have the opportunity to contribute to our nationally recognized website, to become a regular contributor to our international publication The Voice, and to present at local and national conferences – the ISFSI Fall Conference and the Firehouse Expo to name a few. Our success or failure as a membership organization is dependent upon solid, active leadership from our Board members, and new and innovative ideas and suggestions from our members – you are counting on us, and “WE” are counting on you.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Past President Jack Peltier for allowing me to serve as his First Vice President these past two years. I am proud to have been elected to serve each of you as your President and I look forward to working with each of you as we pursue our national prominence once again. As always, I openly welcome your ideas and suggestions and can be contacted by e-mail at or

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