In Case You Missed It: July 2018 Firefighting Articles

In case you missed it, check out some of the articles we featured on the Fire Engineering site in July 2018.

Engine Company EMS: The Language Barrier

As an emergency medical services engine company, our mission is to treat the sick and injured to the best of our abilities. Sometimes, doing our best includes doing it in a different language,” writes Michael Morse.

Training Minutes: Reading a USNG Map

In this new Training Minutes video, communications expert Al Studt talks to Walt Lewis about how to read a map using the U.S. National Grid, and about how such maps may be of use to incident commanders during emergency response.

Rural Connections: A Rescue Through the Snow

Tim Zehnder returns with this quick recap of an incident in small-town Minnesota that once again proved the importance of the volunteer firefighter.

Mayday Monday: Basement Fires

Basement fires are a very dangerous scenario for firefighters. Tony Carroll reviews a fundamental firefighter safety and survival drill you can train on with your crews.

Leading Organizations Through Change, Part 2

“‘Down in the weeds,’ everything can seem chaotic and disorganized. ‘Moving up to the balcony’ allows you to see from an elevated position across the organization,” writes Jacob McAfee.

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: More Thoughts on Leadership

Thomas A. Merrill returns with this in-depth look at “must-have” traits that all fire service leaders and officer must possess for them to be successful.

Sixty Years Ago in Fire Engineering

Check the world of the fire service from yesterday and beyond back to 1877 in the Fire Engineering archives. This week, we go back to 1958.   

Humpday Hangout: Firefighter LODDs

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, hosts Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath talk with Kelly Kistner, fire marshal with the San Marcos (TX) Fire Department, and Bryan (TX) Fire Chief Randy McGregor about line-of-duty deaths (LODDs)..  

Holmatro Quick Cuts: Side Removal Using Telescoping Ram

In this new Holmatro Quick Cuts video, Steve White of Advanced Rescue Solutions and company discusses side removal using Holmatro’s telescoping ram.

Construction Concerns: Complacency and Building Design

For his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel examines the structural issues surrounding the July 17, 1981, collapse of the Hyatt Regency skywalks in Kansas City, Missouri, the deadliest structural collapse in U.S. history until the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. 

Tailboard Talk: The Chief Made Me Do It! Stopping Deviant Behaviors

“Condoning deviant behavior in one place will likely lead to other areas where members’ deviant behaviors will be normalized,” writes Dane Carley and Craig Nelson.

Leading Organizations Through Change, Part 1

“Communication is key to any firehouse or fireground. Communicate early and clearly, lay out expectations, solicit feedback, and produce discussion,” writes Jacob McAfee.

Humpday Hangout: Class B Foam

Join Bill Gustin and Mike Dugan as they discuss Class B Foam along with the other panelists. 

Go, Slow, and Whoa!

“Although metabolic and strength fitness is essential for the performance levels at which firefighters need to perform, we must also focus on our nutritional habits,” writes Todd J. LeDuc.

Training Minutes: Best Practices for Fire Service UAS

Jason Revoldt and Walt Lewis review the use of unmanned aerial systems (a.k.a. “drones”) for fire service use, including safety considerations, metal interference, and more.

Modern Vehicle Extrication Hazards

A new program from the Firefighters Support Foundation offers tips on dealing with modern vehicles when responding to motor vehicle accidents.

Construction Concerns: Hole Covers

Greg Havel reviews the hazards holes present for firefighters working at construction sites and how hole covers may factor into fireground safety.

Truck Company Ops: Horizontal Ventilation

Sometimes, firefighters can’t make the roof. In this back-to-basics article, Mark van der Feyst looks at the options available for horizontal ventilation.

Conditions That Warrant Urgent Communications to Command

Thomas Warren reviews some circumstances that may require fire officers to send an urgent message to incident command.

Training Minutes: Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tools

In this Training Minutes video, John Simpson looks at the cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of hydraulic forcible entry tools.

Firefighters Respond to Paducah (KY) Truck into Building

Jeremy Rifflard shares a response by Paducah (KY) firefighters and rescue team members to an incident in which a pickup truck crashed into an abandoned store.

Mayday Monday: Violence Against Firefighters

Tony Carroll writes about recent incidents in which firefighters have been subjected to violence and ways to maintain your situational awareness on the fireground.


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