In Case You Missed It: June 2018 Firefighting Articles

Training Minutes: What Is USNG?

In this new Training Minutes video, U.S. National Grid (USNG) expert Al Studt explains the value of the location identification system to the fire service.



Humpday Hangout: Current Fire Research

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, host P.J. Norwood will be joined by guests Steve Kerber, Director of UL-FSRI, Chad Christenson, Captain, Los Angeles County (CA) Fire Department and Nick Papa, Lieutenant, New Britain (CT) Fire Department.



Construction Concerns: Thermal Breaks

Greg Havel looks at how building methods to reduce heat loss through and around windows may impact firefighting operations.



Quick Response from Firefighters, Police Saves OH Man in Cardiac Arrest

Conner O’Halloran, Troy Kolar, Robert Tieche Jr., and Matthew Ozanich relate a cardiac arrest call in which responders worked together to achieve a successful outcome.



Elevator Rescue: Swing Door

In a new segment of Training Minutes on elevator rescue,  Mike Dragonetti reviews the characteristics of an older style of elevator door that firefighters may encounter.



Behavioral Wellness: The Unseen Occupational Realities

Over the last decade, a bounty of evidence-based research has enhanced our understanding of the occupational toll that the fire service takes on firefighter health and wellness. Todd LeDuc surveys some of these findings.



Humpday Hangout: Where Did All the Firefighters Go?

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, host Terry McGrath talks with Chief Scott Thompson, The Colony Fire (TX) Department, and Chief John Sherwood, Grapevine (TX) Fire Department. They will be addressing the shortfall of firefighter applicants.



Holmatro Quick Cuts: Rapid Dash Lift

In this new Holmatro Quick Cuts video, Steve White of Advanced Rescue Solutions and company show how to use the Holmatro Combi-Tool to perform a rapid dash lift for vehicle extrication.



Hoarder Homes: Considerations for Fighting Fires in High Content/Reduced Air Space Homes

Brady Deal looks at fire dynamics concerns firefighters may encounter at hoarder house fires.



Fire Service Leadership Basics: Roles, Responsibilities, and Boundaries

Tom Warren looks at how leadership has evolved in the fire service and advocates conceptualizing the elements of leadership as the three areas of roles, responsibilities, and boundaries.



FDIC Int’l POSTSCRIPT: CMC Introduces the CMC LEVR Descender

CMC, the California-based rescue and work-at-height company dedicated to helping save lives and keeping people safe, introduced its all-new CMC LEVR System at FDIC International 2018.



A Cinder-ella Story: Tales of a Fireman’s Daughter

Briana Posner writes about the personal, professional, and life skills she acquired growing up as a firefighter’s daughter and discusses lessons learned from the brotherhood.



Truck Company Ops: Louver Cut

Vertical ventilation is an effective way to remove the products of combustion quickly and efficiently. In this back-to-basics article, Mark van der Feyst looks at the louver cut.



From The Ground Up

Eric Bachman offers another case study of how fire departments working in concert with developers can help with preplanning efforts and better ensure effective emergency response.



Humpday Hangout: Water Supply Evolutions and Pump Operations

Join Bill Gustin live from the Miami-Dade (FL) Apparatus Driving Simulator Lab with guest Lt. Dave Gates, Paul Shapiro, and Ed Collet. 



Training Minutes: UAVs for Hazmat

Walt Lewis, Jason Revoldt, and company examine how using drones can help with size-up and information gathering processes at hazmat incidents.



Building Construction Review

Nick Salameh reviews some of the fundamentals of identifying building construction for firefighters.



Construction Concerns: Galvanic Corrosion

“Galvanic corrosion” is damage caused when two dissimilar metals are joined in the presence of an electrolyte. Greg Havel on how this phenomenon can affect building construction and firefighting operations.



Engine Company EMS: Frequent Flyers

It is the calls that seem to matter the least where firefighters’ true mettle is tested. Michael Morse on to make the most of seemingly unnecessary calls to improve your level of service.



FDIC Int’l POSTSCRIPT: See the Latest and Greatest from GLOBE by MSA and MSA

At nearly an acre in size, the Globe by MSA/MSA booth was a sight to behold, offering a number of hands-on, interactive experiences on the latest and greatest firefighting products and enhancements offered by the company.



The Pillars of Vehicle Rescue: Methodology and Mindset of Coordinated Vehicle Rescue Operations

Dave Dalrymple takes a critical look at the fundamental mindset for vehicle rescue operations.



Training Minutes: What’s In Your Pockets?

In this Training Minutes video, John Simpson reviews some of the tools and items firefighters may store in their gear.



RIT: Roof Collapse Drill

When it comes to Mayday training, firefighters would do well to practice rescuing down members in suboptimal conditions. Adam J. Hansen on how to make a more realistic rapid intervention drill.



Mayday Monday: Moving a Down Firefighter Up Stairs

In this new Mayday Monday post, Tony Carroll reviews lessons learned from the case of fallen FDNY Captain Vincent Fowler.



The Useful Opposition of Preplanning and Premortems

Brian A. Carr writes about how adding “premortems” to the preplanning process can help firefighters anticipate how their plans may fail on the fireground, thereby strengthening the overall strategic approach.



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