Lakewood (OH) Fire Department Purchases $250,000 Rescue Pumper truck

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio— In a cost-saving move that also provides a compact feature — relatively speaking for a fire department vehicle — Lakewood recently spent $250,000 to purchase a used 2010 Pierce Velocity rescue pumper truck.

“Our 1997 heavy rescue vehicle, which we originally purchased used several years ago, was due for replacement, so we approached the city with a cost-saving alternative,” Lakewood Fire Marshall Ryan Fairbankssaid. “We were able to purchase the used vehicle at a third of the cost of a brand-new one.

“The reason we opted for a 2010 is because in 2009 there were dramatic safety standards put in place for fire apparatus. We didn’t want to go older than that. We were able to get the most bang for our buck with that year also.”

Another factor tied to the new purchase was the size of the outgoing heavy rescue vehicle, which is being traded in for $35,000 toward the used-vehicle cost.

“It was very big and hard to maneuver in Lakewood, so we decided to get something that had a shorter wheelbase and was more maneuverable driving up and down streets,” Fairbanks said.

Initially, the five-member Lakewood Fire Department Apparatus Committee was thinking about purchasing a small pick-up truck to replace the heavy rescue vehicle, which Fairbanks described as being a toolbox on wheels.

However, the notion of adding a fire extinguishing component was deemed important, which is why the department went with a rescue pumper truck that also carries equipment

While initially the department had its eye on a used 2012 Pierce Impel rescue pumper truck, the Michiganvehicle had a severe amount of corrosion. That’s when the decision was made to purchase the 2010 model out of Texas.

“We expect to get 15 years out of the used vehicle,” Fairbanks said. “Its primary mission is going to be fire ground support. It’ll carry air tanks for our firefighters and will also be the primary vehicle our arson investigation unit will utilize.”

The used 2010 Pierce Velocity rescue pumper truck is currently being outfitted for use. Fairbanks said when the vehicle goes into service in about a month it’ll be located out of Madison Avenue’s Fire Station No. 1.

“The fire department looked at multiple used trucks to identify one that would be a good fit for the department for years to come,” Lakewood Mayor Meghan Georgesaid.

“This is another example of the city being good stewards of our tax dollars by saving the city a few hundred thousand dollars versus the cost of a new vehicle.”

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