Lighthouse Uniform Company Launches Bereavement Program

The Lighthouse Uniform Company, long known for its Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform, has launched a new program called the Bereavement Uniform Program.

The Bereavement Uniform is an offshoot of the Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform Program.  It is an active response to families finding themselves in need of ‘end game’ help.

The goal of the Bereavement Uniform Program is to provide a Dress Uniform, at ‘no cost’ to any firefighter’s family wanting to bury a loved one in a Class A.  The only cost is for freight which is billed to the affiliated department.

If your department has any surplus or ‘no use’ dress uniforms in your storage closet, you have the potential to do something very meaningful for a firefighter family ‘in need’.  

For more information, click here.

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