LION Ramps Up Partnership Shipping Donated IFRM Firefighting Gear

As part of its growing partnership inaugurated in January of this year, LION has committed to help the International Fire Relief Mission ship donated fire gear to firefighters around the world. LION will help moving the gear from regional collection sites to a central warehouse and from there to fire departments in in underserved international markets.

“LION knows logistics, and it seemed only natural,” said Steve Schwartz, LION’s CEO. “The ability to work with IFRM and reach out to new markets – it’s a great opportunity for us and one that will help us support firefighters around the world.”

International Fire Relief Mission President and CEO Ron Gruening said this is a high-impact commitment that will improve firefighter safety.

“One of the biggest barriers we have to helping firefighters in developing countries is the cost of moving the donated goods,” Gruening said. “LION’s generosity means IFRM can do more to equip and educate firefighters who have the same passion to serve as their U.S. counterparts, but with little equipment.”

LION and IFRM entered a partnership in January that helps the LION team extend its philanthropic reach. IFRM collects used firefighting equipment – sometimes reconditioned by LION – that can replace old, inadequate gear or even provide needed gear where none is currently available. One IFRM delivery can fully outfit more than 200 firefighters with tools, PPE, SCBA and more

“It’s a true win-win,” said Schwartz. “Working with IFRM we can help dedicated fire departments while exploring new markets crucial to the company’s long-term international growth.”

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