Los Angeles Budget Adds 270 Firefighters

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed an $8.6 billion budget for 2015-16, calling it the result of an “unprecedented collaboration” between the City Council and the mayor’s office, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angeles City Council last week adopted the spending plan, which takes a step toward restoring the ranks of city firefighters depleted through a five-year hiring freeze.

The budget increases the Fire Department’s budget by $55 million, and includes a revision by the council that adds $4.5 million to hire a total of 270 firefighter recruits, more than the 180 recruits this year.

The council’s revisions also include about $6 million for fire safety equipment and technology upgrades, and other fire department services.

The budget also provides more funding for the police department, including $70 million for overtime, $4.5 million to purchase 7,000 body cameras and $500,000 to reduce fingerprinting backlog.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/1FE5mWj

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