Maryland Firefighter Details Well Rescue of Girl

Anne Arundel County Firefighter Donna McGuire discussed a rescue of a young girl trapped at the bottom of a well.

The firefighter credits her training and the crew for the successful rescue.

“It was important to me as a mother to go down there and get that little girl up into her parents’ arms,” Mcguire said.

Officials say the girl fell into the well when the plywood covering it broke. You can hear the child in the background of the 911 call.

After strapping herself into a harness, Mcguire made her way down the well, which was only about two feet wide at one point. When she finally reached the girl:

“She just grabbed a hold of me. She was really happy to see me,” McGuire said. “I made a decision at that point to pull a piece of sling out, make a harness, attach her to me, wrap my arms around her like she was my own kid and get her up to safety,” McGuire said.

McGuire says the girl followed directions and was very brave.

A major concern for firefighters was hypothermia. That little girl was standing in about three to four feet of frigid water.

The girl was treated and released from the hospital. Even though McGuire had never done this kind of rescue before, she was prepared.

“We know we had a job to do. And we performed our job successfully and we got the little girl home with her family,” she said.

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