In Case You Missed It: May 2017 Firefighting Articles

Below you’ll find a roundup of exclusive articles that ran on the Fire Engineering Web site this month.

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Drills You Won’t Find in the Books: Bangor Ladder Rescue for H-Shaped Buildings

Proficiency and confidence in handling Bangor ladders only comes from drilling and practicing on real-life structures. A new drill you won’t find in the books from Raul Angulo

Training Minutes: Lift Gates

In this Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis has some thoughts on how firefighters should approach overcoming lift gates in the event of a emergency.

The ‘Fog’ Part 5: The Fireground Clock

“For a commander, awareness of fireground time and when to call a time out to review strategies and tactics must be at the top of his list of tasks,” writes Joseph Pronesti.

Why EMS Cross- Training is a Great Idea

Michael Morse writes, “Cross-training with EMS is the right thing to do for everybody involved. Even the most reluctant firefighter will benefit. I certainly did.”

Humpday Hangout: Firefighter Health and Safety

Host Frank Ricci is joined by Becki White and David Polikoff as they discuss their classes at FDIC International as well as command and Mayday drills.

Training Minutes: Mindfulness and Mental Rehearsal

In this Training Minutes video on firefighter resiliency, Ric Jorge examines the concept of mindfulness and explains the practice of mental rehearsal, which can be used to improve on, among other things, fireground operational deficiencies.

Construction Concerns: Wood and Concrete Composites

Wood-concrete composite floors are especially hazardous to emergency responders when there is a fire below the floor, exposing and burning away the structural support for the concrete, writes Gregory Havel.

What is a “Routine” Fire?

Take no circumstances or conditions for granted, and don’t ever be comfortable calling a fire “routine,” writes David DeStefano.

A Culture of Acceptance: Up Close with the Rosecrance Florian Program

Dena M. Ali recounts her visit to the Florian program at the Rosecrance treatment center in Rockford, Illinois, and how the program director, Dan DeGryse of the Chicago (IL) Fire Department, is working to promote firefighter emotional wellness.

Humpday Hangout: Keeping Tradition Alive

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath are joined by Damion Roberts, Doug Swartz, and Matt White.

Training Minutes: Calling the Mayday

In this Training Minutes video, Paulie Capo and company discuss a simple and straightforward way of calling the Mayday and demonstrate “skip breathing” for the down firefighter.

Berkeley (CA) Mayday Review

As fire conditions rapidly changed as viewed from the Command Post, IC ordered an “Abandon the Building” on all channels.

The Playmaker: The Role of the Company Officer, Part 2

Fire officers are very similar to team captains in that they lead and motivate their crews just as a quarterback would during the two-minute drill, writes Martin J. Rita.

The Playmaker: The Role of the Company Officer, Part 1

A successful company officer can always be compared to the position of quarterback in the NFL; there are many that have played the position, but only a select few put it all together to become great, writes Martin J. Rita.

New Eight-Minute Extrication Cutting Program Available

This 40-minute program demonstrates all the techniques used by a two-person team, and then, with the stopwatch running, shows the real-time opening of a car from two angles simultaneously in eight minutes.

The Job: Working the Roof

In this video on “The Job,” Frank Ricci and company discuss some construction features firefighters working the roof may encounter.

Humpday Hangout: Focus on the Fireground

Join the panel as they discuss timing and coordination of ladder companies forcing entry/ventilating and engine companies advancing hose lines.

Training Minutes: The Can– Locate, Confine, Extinguish

In this Training Minutes video, Jimm Walsh, Eric Wheaton, and Scott Ketchum demonstrate in real time the use of a water can to knock down fire.

FDIC Int’l 2017 POSTSCRIPT: Kathy Clay Asks if You’ve “Got Gas?”

The final day of FDIC International 2017’s classroom session commenced on Friday, April 28, as Jackson Hole (WY) Fire/EMS Battalion Chief Kathy Clay presented “Got Gas? Lessons Learned from Jackson Hole.”

Construction Concerns: Composite Materials and Assemblies

In his new “Construction Concerns,” Gregory Havel examines these materials that architects and engineers often use to achieve greater strength using less material, saving space inside the building and often reducing cost.

“…And the Meek Shall Extinguish the Fire”

“Give me a crew of shy and quiet firefighters who are ready and able to do their jobs when asked and I’ll choose them over any pumped-up team that acts like firefighting is a race to the seat of the blaze,” writes Mark J. Cotter.

140 Years of Fire Engineering: Oldest Issue Winner, Rodney Villa

Earlier this year we asked our readers to pose with their oldest issue of Fire Engineering and post the photos on social media. The winner would be featured in an upcoming print issue of Fire Engineering magazine. Rod Villa was the winner. Read some of Rod’s thoughts about Fire Engineering, his fire service career, and the fire service.

SCBA Low Profiling

Mark van der Feyst discusses self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) limitations and how to overcome them, focusing on reducing the SCBA profile so firefighters can navigate obstacles on the fireground.

Humpday Hangout: Professional Development for the Fire Instructor

Hosts Brad French, Steve Pegram, and Aaron Heller welcome Chief Josh Waldo of Bozeman, Montana.  

Training Minutes: K Tool for Forcible Entry

In this Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis and company demonstrate the use of a K Tool for forcible entry situations and discusses its application.

Mayday Monday: SCBAs and Firefighter Survival

Firefighter survival starts with the basics, and that includes mastery of your self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This Mayday Monday drill looks at two related line-of-duty deaths and provides a training template on this lesson.


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