Mayday Called, Three AL Firefighters Injured at House Fire

Hours after a Birmingham (AL) firefighter was injured, three more firefighters were hurt while battling a house fire.

An report ( says a firefighter issued a Mayday after becoming disoriented inside a burning house yesterday. Fellow firefighters climbed a ladder to aid him. Two firefighters were burned and another injured his head and shoulders in a fall from a ladder.

The fire was likely caused by a space heater. It began in the basement and spread up to the attic, and took about a half hour for firefighters to get under control.

In an earlier incident that day (, a Birmingham firefighter injured his shoulder and received cuts to the forehead when the roof of a burning house collapsed on him. In this instance, too, the fire was caused by several space heaters being left on despite no one being at home.

In both cases, the firefighters are expected to recover.

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