Mayday Monday: New Year’s Training Resolution

New Year's Training Resolutions

By Tony Carroll

The staff found a picture on the Internet of firefighters from the Sterling Heights (MI) Fire Department making an emergency escape from an apartment fire. They were conducting a search for trapped occupants when they were forced to bail out of a window. Fortunately, a ladder had been placed to the window. Do you think this was the first time these members performed a ladder bail?  Are you ready for this scenario? Are your firefighters?

Since 2015, each month Mayday Monday presents a firefighter survival tip or technique to help prepare members for these scenarios. For the last few Januarys, the same New Year’s Resolution post is provided for your enjoyment. There is not a requirement for you to practice the presented information. In fact, I’ve been questioned by officers who say, “You mean we are supposed to do these drills”? Most members will never face the scenarios highlighted in these monthly topics. That is a good thing. But you never know. That’s why we do it!! You never know and you must do whatever you can to be prepared.

View and download this page from the Fire Department Training Network (FDTN). Most of these skills/drills have been covered in a past Mayday Monday piece. As mentioned in the FDTN article, “these skills aren’t difficult, they’re not time consuming, and they’re not for somebody else.” THEY ARE FOR YOU!!           

Make a resolution for 2019 to get yourself more prepared and to get your crew more prepared. I hope you will never have to use these skills or techniques. But, you never know!!

Thanks for your continued support of the Mayday Monday Firefighter Survival Campaign. Live to Train…Train to Live. 

Tony Carroll is a battalion chief with the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department.

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