Mayday Monday: RIT Air Pack

Mayday Monday

By Tony Carroll

Mayday Monday…Welcome back. Today is the last Monday in September…the year is flying by. This edition of the Mayday Monday Firefighter Survival Tips is dedicated to the memory of Wilmington (DE) Fire Department’s Lt. C. Leach and Firefighter J. Fickes. These two firefighters were killed while battling a fire in a rowhouse on September 24, 2016. Please keep these members’ families, the other injured firefighters, and the remaining members of the WFD in your thoughts.

Today, we will review the operation of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) air pack. This tool is a modified SCBA used by the RIT to provide air to a trapped firefighter. The package includes tools to assist in the removal of the trapped firefighter, as well.  These contents include the following:

  • High-pressure hose used to equalize pressure between full RIT bottle and empty bottle of firefighter in trouble.
  • Low-pressure hose with EBSS connection and regulator. Can be attached to the downed firefighter’s face piece.
  • Extra face piece. Available if downed firefighter’s face piece is damaged.
  • 20-foot piece of 1-inch webbing. The RIT may use this webbing to assist with dragging the rescued member out of trouble.
  • Wire cutters. Can be used to help with the extrication of the trapped firefighter.

Today, please get your RIT air pack out and review the operations, options for providing air, and your operational plans when you need to use it. Get RIT ready.

If you have Mayday Monday suggestions, comments or questions, please send them to  Thanks and see you next Monday.

Tony Carroll is a captain with the safety office of the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department.

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