Milwaukee Firefighter Discusses Being Shot on the Job

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Milwaukee’s fire chief says a firefighter who suffered a bullet graze wound to the head while responding to a medical call didn’t realize he had been injured until after he took care of his patient. The firefighter said he never expected he would become a patient, reports

“I never expect I’m going to be helping somebody and then end up being the one that needs help,” Milwaukee firefighter Frederick Coleman said.

Officials say the firefighters were dispatched to the neighborhood around 12:30 a.m. MFD personnel assessed, treated and were in the process of transferring a patient into an ambulance when police say shots were fired in a nearby alley.

Several rounds struck the ambulance and one struck Coleman.

“There were some people that thought it was fireworks, just based on how it sounded. But at that time I realized something hit me,” Coleman said.

Chief Rohlfing said Tuesday Coleman felt blood on the side of his head and realized he had been wounded. A bullet had grazed his scalp.

“There were so many things that went through my head at one time,” Coleman said.

Coleman admits it’s hard not to think ‘what if’ — especially seeing the bullet holes in the ambulance that was on scene with him early Monday.

“I’ve tried to push my mind to the point of ‘wow I’m alive’ and just kind of pushed the ‘what if I would have been turning right?’ And ‘what if I would have been two inches to the left?’ Well, I wasn’t,” Coleman said.

Now, Coleman says he’s just hoping what happened Monday morning won’t be a sign of what’s to come in the future for first responders.

“Just let us do our job,” Coleman said.

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