Minneapolis (MN) Firefighters Challenged by Collyer’s Mansion Fire

Firefighters struggled to gain access to an extremely cluttered home that was on fire in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Wednesday.

According to a local news report, debris blocked firefighters from entering through a door so they were forced to enter via a window. This debris also slowed hoseline advancement through the structure, forcing firefighters to find their way around obstacle after obstacle.

The occupant was able to exit the house on her own. She is at Hennepin County Medical Center and is being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. A firefighter also suffered unspecified, minor injuries.

Cluttered homes after often referred to as Collyer’s Mansions in the fire service, and fires at these structures can prove extremely dangerous because of access problems and the extreme fire load. For more information on these type of fires, read this artile by Dan Sheridan of the FDNY.

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