Minnesota Firefighters Burned by Hydrofluoric Acid

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Six Eden Prairie (MN) firefighters were burned by hydrofluoric acid while working at a fire Wednesday, according to a report.

Eden Prairie Fire Chief George Esbensen told KMSP that firefighters were experiencing tingling in their hands and arms and at least two firefighters developed rashes when they began to take off their gear. The firefighters had responded to a fire at a high-tech manufacturing facility.

The report said $100,000 worth of firefighting equipment–hoses, tanks, and 15 sets of gear–is in quarantine.

All the injured firefighters are back home after spending some time in the hospital, the report said.

Read more about this incident at http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/29566672/hydrofluoric-acid-burns-6-eden-prairie-firefighters-gear-now-quarantined


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