More Than 150 Firefighters Respond to Massive WI Warehouse Fire

According to a report from Channel 3000, a massive fire ripped through a 45,000-square-foot warehouse in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, causing fire crews to expend at least one million gallons of water, tapping out the city’s water system. As a result, crews decided to let the warehouse burn itself out.

Fort Atkinson Fire Department (FAFD) Chief Daryl Rausch said that the warehouse was filled mainly with military tires. The structure is now deemed a total loss. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

At around noon on Tuesday, Fort Atkinson police said firefighters responded to the 700 block of Oak Street.

Fire departments respond to major fire in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Photo by Tim Olk

Rausch said that fire crews prevented the fire from reaching a connected building that housed a server farm, classic cars worth millions of dollars, and other office space. He also said that crews from five other counties have been called to help with the fire.

As of Tuesday evening, about 50 people were forced to evacuate. Those who evacuated took shelter in a gym at the Fort Atkinson Municipal Building located at 101 N. Main Street.

As a result of this fire, city leaders said the city’s north-end residents should expect low water pressure and discoloration.


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