Multiple Agencies Assist Wildland Firefighter with Broken Leg

Numerous emergency services agencies were needed to rescue a wildland firefighter who had broken his leg Monday evening, reports

At 10:10 p.m. Monday, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the U.S. Forest Service requesting assistance from the county’s Search and Rescue for an injured wildland fire fighter.

Michael Lee Burri, 31, from Estacada, sustained a broken leg while working with a 21 person Mount Hood Initial Attack Fire Team that had been fighting a small fire near road 11 off Quartzville road northeast of Sweet Home.  

Sweet Home Fire Department paramedics initially were dispatched to the scene.

Two medics hiked in approximately three miles to Burri.

Once on scene, they recognized an air rescue would be the safest way to remove Burri, according to Yon.  

Linn County Search and Rescue worked in coordination with the Oregon Air National Guard to get a United States Coast Guard helicopter to the area to attempt a rescue.

The Coast Guard helicopter arrived in the area at 3 a.m. Tuesday.

As the Coast Guard helicopter attempted to land, air from the blades caused the fire to quickly stir up. The fire, along with the rough terrain, made the rescue impossible. The Coast Guard helicopter did not attempt another rescue.

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