Navy Drops Plans to Repair Fire-Damaged Submarine

The Navy has decided that it will not repair the nuclear-powered submarine USS Miami after concluding that the cost of repairing damage from a fire set by a civilian worker is more than it can afford due to mandated budget cuts, reports Fox News.

The decision to scrap the Groton (CT)-based sub comes after a damage assessment by the Navy found that estimated repair costs, originally estimated to be about $450 million, have risen dramatically, a Navy official told The Military Times.

Rear Adm. Rick Breckenridge, director of undersea warfare, said that repairing the submarine would have meant canceling work on dozens of other ships because of new budget constraints. He said that would’ve hurt the Navy’s overall readiness.

“The Navy and the nation simply cannot afford to weaken other fleet readiness in the way that would be required to afford repairs to Miami,” Breckenridge said in a statement.

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