New Gun Policy for Columbus (OH) Firefighters

The city of Columbus, Ohio, is adopting new rules for firefighters who carry guns on the job.

WSYX reports ( that these personnel are arson investigators. They number about a dozen and often serve warrants with police rather than performing fire suppression duties.

Firefighters will now be put on desk duty if they pull out their firearm–even if they do not fire it–while there’s an internal investigation. Arson investigators also can only carry them on the job, not off duty.

The move comes in the wake of a January incident in which a man pulled a BB gun on an arson investigator, who then pulled out his gun and arrested the man.

In Bethel Township, Ohio, fire personnel are being allowed to carry concealed weapons for self-defense, according to a report from the Dayton Newspapers. All this is happening during a time when there is renewed focus on violence against firefighters following the deadly ambush of West Webster (NY) firefighters on Christmas Eve and the more recent hostage situation involving four firefighters on an EMS run in Georgia.

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