What is Really NEW About H.O.T. “Truck Company: Essentials”?

This eight-hour evolution offering debuts Monday, April 19, 8:00 am-5:00 p.m. and will be repeated the same time on Tuesday, April 20, at FDIC 2010. According to Lead Instructor Lt. Michael Ciampo, Fire Department of New York, attendees will be introduced to the “Lovers” acronym that will help them recall “the main elements that are vital to all trucks”–Ladders, Overhaul, Ventilation, Entry, Rescue, and Search. The interactive stations include Forcible Entry, Ladders, Ventilation, Search, and Cutting.

Basic/intermediate-level students will learn improved leg lock techniques, the “punch technique” in overhauling, use power saws for vertical ventilation and hand tools for horizontal ventilation, employ door props to force outward- and inward-opening doors. Ciampo believes that working on vacant structures helps students gain valuable real-life experience instead of just using props or a concrete fire tower.

Other pluses are that students will learn how to operate on the fireground when there are fewer personnel and the class will discuss many street-smart tactics that the manuals and textbooks often do not cover.

Truck Company: Essentials NEW!

Lead Instructor: Lieutenant Michael Ciampo, Fire Department of New York

Students will rotate through a series of stations to get a “taste” of truck company operations in this new interactive class. At the Forcible Entry station, students will learn how to force inward- and outward-opening doors and how to cut simulated window bars and roll-down gates. At the Ladders station, they will learn portable ladder operations that include new leg lock maneuvers and perform simulated rescues and removals. At the Ventilation station, they will perform horizontal and vertical ventilation on the acquired structures. At the Search station, they will conduct primary search and vent-enter-search tactics and perform overhaul skills when searching for fire extension.


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