New Jersey Fire Department Swears in 10 Military Veterans

Ten new firefighters sworn in by the North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue, all of whom are veterans of the armed forces, reports

About 100 people attended the ceremony, which took place earlier today at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen. Those who spoke at the event, including the North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco, Guttenberg Mayor Gerald R. Drasheff, and West New York Felix Roque, highlighted the fact that the fire department’s hiring of those who have already served the country abroad.

Krol joined the Marines in 2002 and served four years and three months. Krol grew up in Clifton and decided to join the military right after high-school.

“I chose to travel around the world with the military,” he said. Aside from Afghanistan, he served in Iraq, Japan, and the Philippines. But becoming a firefighter was always a dream of his, and Krol considers the responsibilities to be similar for both jobs. 

“The physical aspect of the work is very similar,” said Edgardo Feliciano, another newly-sworn-in firefighter. “We always have to be in shape and not be slacking off.”

Feliciano was also in the Marines, from 2003 to 2009, and in his last two years, he was sergeant. 

“The discipline you have in the military really transfers over to the discipline you need to have as a firefighters,” he said.

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