New Orleans Firefighters Continue Mission to Have Smoke Alarms in Every Home

It’s been almost one year since a family of five died in a house fire in Broadmoor and New Orleans firefighters took to the neighborhood Saturday morning to do their part to make sure it never happens again. They went door to door and canvassed the neighborhood giving households smoke alarms, reports (

“The New Orleans Fire Department is committed to ensuring that every home in New Orleans has a working smoke alarm,” NOFD Superintendent Timothy McConnell said.

Last year, the neighborhood mourned the loss of a family of five, three children their mother and grandmother, who died in a house fire on Nov. 11. Since then, nine people have died in fires in the Crescent City.

McConnell said none of the homes had working smoke alarms.

“A working smoke alarm is the cheapest insurance that you will ever have. It guarantees that people get out of the house. I have 32 years in the fire service. I have never had a fatality in an accidental fire where there was a working fire alarm,” McConnell said.

McConnell said smoke alarms save lives and not just the lives of citizens, but firefighters, as well. He said the NOFD’s goal is to have zero fire-related deaths.

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