New York Firefighters Deal with Dangers from Ice

Firefighters take risks in any kind of weather to save lives. Crews in Niagara Falls talked about how to stay safe in the frigid cold, winter elements, reports

Tuesday night a fire crew was on Northumberland Avenue, in Buffalo. Firefighters had to deal with frozen hydrants, work in extremely cold temperatures, and stay bundled up to keep warm.

Buffalo Fire Department Commissioner Garnell Whitfield Jr. said, “We got a ton of firefighters out here tonight, again labor intensive, a lot of work to do, dragging these lines in this frozen weather, the water freezes as you know out here, so a lot of work.”

That fire caused $115,000 in damage. The Red Cross is helping out two adults and three children from the residence.

Niagara Falls Fire Department Captain Tom Colangelo talked to News 4 about fighting flames in extremely cold weather. Colangelo said, “When we’re at a fire using hose lines, water gets on the ground it almost instantly freezes. It makes it dangerous for firefighters walking around the scene, slipping and falling. Also makes it dangerous with metal ladders. If any water gets on the ladders,  it’s a dangerous for the guys going up and down the ladders.”

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