NFFF’s Life Safety Initiative Resource Kit now available online

PREPNet Leads Firefighter Effort to Line-of-Duty Death Prevention

Emmitsburg, MD-As part of focused effort to help reduce firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries nationwide, the National Preparedness Network (PREPNet) will distribute via the Internet the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Resource Kit, a powerful media and training tool created by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) as part of its “Everyone Goes Home” program.

First released in June 2006 to some 30,000 fire departments across the United States, the increased distribution represents the United States Fire Administration’s continued commitment to its goal of reducing firefighter line-of-duty deaths by 50 percent by the year 2014. Through PREPNet, USFA will make the Resource Kit available to virtually every firefighter in the United States.

“We believe our firefighters deserve the best training and equipment possible,” said Chief Charles Dickinson, acting administrator of USFA. “The most effective way to ensure safety is for supervisors to lead by example, and the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Resource Kit helps firefighters understand exactly what that example of excellence and safety should be, and will guide fire departments in eliminating the preventable fireground deaths.”

The Resource Kit is a mix of DVD presentations and training materials. Its six modules offer a blueprint for change in the four statistically predominant areas of firefighter deaths-cardiopulmonary health, vehicle response, structure fire attack, and training exercises-as well as in organizational assessments and fire protection/prevention in the built environment. It presents frank interviews with fire service leaders, hardhitting video footage, compelling arguments for enhanced firefighter safety, and useful materials that help steer fire departments and firefighters off the path to a line-of-duty death. The Resource Kit is one of several important projects launched by the NFFF to support the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.

Produced by the AndersonManning Media Group for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Everyone Goes Home Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives program, the kit provides firefighters with powerful information on prevention of tragedies. “This program fits in with the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives developed by the American fire service,” said Hal Bruno, Board Chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. “Far too many firefighters die each year. These deaths can be prevented and the resource kit tells you how.”

“This is practical and effective lifesaving information, and we are using state-of-the-art video production and digital distribution to make it available to every first responder anywhere in the United States,” Dickinson added.

To access DVD 1, click on:


To access DVD 2, click on:


DVD 1 includes:

Chapter 1 Welcome & How To Use This Program
Chapter 2 Line-of-Duty-Death Prevention
PSA : The Instructor
Chapter 3 Are You On A Path to a Line of Duty Death?
Personal & Organizational Assessment
Chapter 4 Keeping Fit For The Fight
Health & Wellness

DVD 2 includes:

Chapter 5 Arrive Alive!
Safe Vehicle Operations & Scene Safety
Chapter 6 Staying Alive
Fireground Safety Minutes
Chapter 7 Train The Way You Fight…But Safely
Live-Fire Training
Chapter 8 Fighting The Fire Before The Fire
Fire Prevention, Protection and the Built Environment

Note: The videos play in succession and each is preceded by an introduction. To select a program you can slide the fast forward bar to bring it to the next program until you arrive at the one you want to view.

The kit is one of 16 important preparation programs that will save lives and property. All content is available free-of-charge.

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