Nine Vehicles Set on Fire Overnight in Fort Worth TX

The Fort Worth Fire Department responded to at least nine vehicle fires on Saturday morning, reports NBC Dallas Forth-Worth.

Around 4:02 a.m. officials began to receive numerous car fire reports on the short south side. The fire department says the vehicles were found in a one mile area by Hemphill Street and Berry Avenue.

According to arson investigators the cars were lit intentionally but it is still unknown why.

The Fralia family’s 2002 Ford F-350 diesel was burnt to a crisp. Investigators said it looks like the fire was set at the front driver’s side tire.The windshield melted onto the dash.The couple’s barking dogs got them up around 4 a.m.

Caroline Fralia said “I came running out, try to grab the hose and as I’m calling 9-1-1 to give them our address and tell them our car’s on fire the 9-1-1 operator goes, don’t you live at 46? and I go no, I live at 47 and she said well we’ve got another fire down there and I thought oh my gosh.”

Whoever got their kicks destroying at least nine vehicles including the Fralia’s pick-up truck, likely wasn’t counting a surveillance camera above the Fralia’s front door pointed right at them.

The video, which investigators downloaded onto a disk, shows a dark car pull up on the other side of the street and go out of frame. Moments later a white crew cab pick-up truck pulls up behind it and stays in the frame. Seconds later you see movement of someones head bobbing by the driver’s side window of her truck. Then you see a bright flash, the truck’s burning and the two vehicles take off.

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