NIOSH: Poor Communications, Lack of Radios in Chicago (IL) Firefighter LODDs

Chicago (IL) Dec. 22 Firefighter LODDs: Collapse Scene

A recently released report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) sheds some light on factors that contributed to the deaths of two Chicago (IL) firefighters during a rubbish fire at an abandoned commercial structure last December. A view of the collapse scene is shown in the picture at left

Edward Stringer, 47, and Corey Ankum, 34, were killed during a December 22 fire at a dilapidated, unsecured building that used to contain a commercial laundry. Nineteen other firefighters were injured.

Among the contributing factors cited in the NIOSH report where

  • Lack of a vacant / hazardous building marking program within the city
  • Vacant / hazardous building information not part of automatic dispatch system
  • Dilapidated condition of the structure
  • Dispatch occurred during shift change resulting in fragmented crews
  • Weather conditions including snow accumulation on roof and frozen water hydrants
  • Not all fire fighters equipped with radios.

Download the entire report HERE. Further information on the incident can be found in this report from the Chicago Tribune.

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