UPDATE: NJ EMT Dies After Swift Water Rescue Attempt

Michael Kenwood, a New Jersey EMT, has died as a result of his injuries after being swept away by fast-moving water during a rescue attempt on Rosedale Road in Princeton, New Jersey, early Sunday morning, according a report from WPVI-TV ABC Action News.

Rescue crews were called to the area of the Johnson Park School around 4:35 a.m. when receiving a report of a vehicle in the flooded roadway. Swift water rescue technicians were sent to the vehicle to determine if anyone required help. During this attempt it was decided that the situation proved to be too dangerous and called the rescuers back from the incident.

Two of the rescuers slipped on their return but Kenwood could not regain his footing causing him serious injury. He was pulled out then transported to local hospital where he later died, according to the report.

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