No Injuries in Fire at TX Refinery

A fire at a San Antonio (TX) refinery was attributed to a container leaking jet fuel. It was the second fire at this same industrial site in two years.

The Associated Press ( reported that 60 workers fled the site as firefighters battled the fire. The initial call came in as an explosion at the NuStar Energy refinery, but the plant operator told reporters there had only been a fire. No injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for the plant said said the fire started when a contractor installing some tubing dislodged a valve within the facility’s crude unit. This released of a small amount of kerosene, which then vaporized and ignited.

The same location caught fire in May 2010 under ownership of a different company. One man in that fire was critically burned after an 18-wheeler being loaded with fuel exploded, setting off a chain reaction of smaller explosions. Other employees were also injured. That incident caused the evacuation of the nearby area, as well.

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