Fire Crews Battle Flames in North Attleboro (MA) Balloon Frame Dwelling

Photos and story be Ken LaBelle

Firefighters responded to working fire in a balloon-frame dwelling in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.


Engine 1 arrived to find smoke showing from the rear of a large, 2 1/2-story wood frame occupied dwelling on March 23, 2015. The officer requested that a working fire to be struck as heavy fire was found on the B/C corner around the electrical service. The fire was rapidly extending upwards through the balloon-frame structure.

Companies were reporting high heat and deteriorating conditions on the upper floors as they conducted primary searches. Command requested a second alarm to be struck as the smoke was changing from light grey to dark acrid brown and black. Interior crews radioed that fire was extending upwards through the chases, voids, and knee walls to the attic.

Attleboro Ladder 1 began to open the roof over the seat of the fire but were pulled off of the roof before they could finished the cut due to the fires progression in the attic below them. Command ordered the evacuation of the structure to go defensive operations. Two ladder pipes, several hand lines, and a deck gun were used to bring this stubborn fire under control. A third alarm for station coverage was also struck while companies worked the fire.

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