North Carolina Fire Chiefs Focus on Fitness, Prep for Half Marathon

Durham firefighters know that it is important to lead by example, and that is why a group of chiefs has made healthy eating and exercise a priority, reports The Durham Herald-Sun (

Fire Chief Dan Curia has shed 63 pounds since May 2013, dropping from 232 to 169.

And now, Curia and others in the department are ready for the next phase of their fitness campaign. They’ll run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) on Oct. 19 at Myrtle Beach (SC).

“Collectively, a bunch of the chiefs decided we needed to be healthier and set a good example,” Curia said. “We know that heart attacks are the number-one killer of firefighters, and here we were walking around pretty out of shape. We had to do something about it.”

By running, biking and making diet changes, Curia started seeing the pounds fall off and his energy rise.

“I would eat fast foods and desserts at the drop of a hat,” Curia said. “I never gave proper nutrition any thought. And now, I try to make better choices.”

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