NTSB Seeks Lesson in Boeing 787 Battery Fire

The top U.S. transportation safety agency is looking beyond what caused a Boeing Co Dreamliner battery to fail in January at larger lessons that can be applied to the airplane certification process and new technologies, reports Reuters.

A two-day hearing at the National Transportation Safety Board headquarters in Washington delved into what Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration knew about volatile lithium-ion batteries when they proposed them for use on the Dreamliner, and how they addressed the risks.

Boeing said that it did not believe during design and testing that a fire could occur in the lithium-ion battery system that failed on the Dreamliner.

Under questioning, Mike Sinnett, Boeing’s chief 787 engineer, said: “Any form of internal short circuit could lead to venting of that cell and release of electrolyte, but nothing more than that.”

He added: “The only time we were ever able to make a cell vent with fire was with significant overcharging.”

The hearing is part of the agency’s investigation into what caused a battery to catch fire and burn on a parked 787 Dreamliner in Boston in January. The battery fire occurred after passengers had left the plane, and workers noticed smoke in the cabin. It took firefighters more than an hour to put the fire out.

Read more of the story here http://yhoo.it/12at3RL

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