NYC on Full Terrorist Alert

NYC on Full Terrorist Alert

New York City. Sept. 11, 2001. Two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center. A small plane was seen flying into the North Tower. A larger plane, identified by some witnesses as a twin-engine jet, hit the south side of the South Tower. Dense black smoke and flames are pouring out of the gaping holes in each of the towers. The fire reportedly is spreading through the building between floors 70 and 80. The superstructure is described as �hanging.� The South Tower of the Trade Center building just collapsed.

The FBI is investigating reports of the highjacking of a plane before the second crash. President Bush has attributed the crashes to �an apparent terrorist attack.�

All three local airports, tunnels, and the Port Authority Building have been shut down. Air space over New York City has been officially frozen. The United Nations building, New York Stock Exchange, and other prominent buildings have been evacuated.

The story is still unfolding. The latest unconfirmed revelation identifies one of the planes as an American Airlines 767 that departed from Boston.

Fire Department of New York has put out a call for all off-duty members.

There is no word yet about casualties. Some occupants were seen running from the building. Some were screaming. There are reports of casualties trickling into area hospitals.

In other breaking news, it was reported that a large airliner hit the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. There is a fire and was an explosion. The building has been evacuated, as has the Treasury and State Department Buildings.

The White House has been evacuated amid reports of threats of terrorism there.

The FAA has closed all airports across the country. In Chicago, the Sears Tower is being evacuation as a precaution.

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