October issue

October issue

Hobart H. Boswell, Jr.


Foxborough (MA) Department of Fire/Rescue & Emergency Services

I want to congratulate the staff of Fire Engineering on the October issue. As of this letter writing, we have not yet received our November copy but are looking forward to it with great anticipation. The October issue is written, in my opinion, as a textbook. It is providing us with some of the most intense but educational writing regarding the Oklahoma City incident that I have seen since the incident occurred.

We are a small suburban fire department equidistant between Boston and Providence on Interstate 95. We serve a population of 16,000 and cover 21 square miles surrounded by interstate highways. We are a full-service municipal fire department. due to the complexity of issues we face here in Foxborough and the excellent educational aspect of the October issue, I have ordered additional copies of the October and November issues so the deputy chief and the four shift commanders will all have personal, permanent copies to be used for training and research in the future.

Again, the staff is to be congratulated on the research and coverage of this most tragic incident.

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