Off-Duty Long Beach (CA) Firefighter Helped Neighbors Escape

Off-duty Long Beach (CA) Firefighter Steve Wiggs has been hailed as a hero for helping his neighbors in the city of Westminster get out of a fully-involved house fire. Local news outlets, the Orange County (CA) Fire Authority (OCFA), and his neighbors all are saying that what he did helped ensure that no one was seriously hurt and that everyone got out safely.

Firefighter Wiggs contacted this morning working his regular duty shift today at LBFD station two said “It was no big deal, I was taking my trash out and saw heavy black smoke from a neighbors home, I went to the residence and found the son of an elderly neighbor that I knew lived there and asked him if she had gotten out safely!!” He indicated that he was not currently sure if in fact she had safely made it out of the house yet.

Armed with this information, Firefighter Wiggs took a garden hose into the structure to keep the fire in check, having to exit and reenter the structure numerous times due to the extensive smoke build-up. In fact he had to hold his breath as long as possible each time he reentered the building so that he did not subject himself with being overcome by the smoke and carbon monoxide accumulation. Eventually Firefighter Wiggs received information that everyone was safely out, so he left the firefighting efforts to those with the proper safety gear that he sorely lacked.

Firefighter Wiggs commented that “ The OCFA responded very quickly and did a great job fighting the fire.” The Incident Commander of the incident made sure that Steve and the elderly women were both medically evaluated to make sure that the were OK. No medical treatment was required for either of them; currently the OCFA is conducting a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

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