Off-Duty Washington Firefighter Recounts River Rescue

A Snoqualmie (WA) firefighter recounted his rescue of a woman who had fallen into a river, reports KOMO News.

The ordeal began on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, where firefighters say a woman with a large backpack was trying to cross the river. But the rocks are slippery, the current is swift, and within moments she ended up in the water, clinging to a log.

“She was just hanging there by a prayer,” says Snoqualmie firefighter Brian Busby, who was off duty when he saw the woman at her moment of peril.

“My immediate concern was she was going to slip right under and go down,” he says.

So Busby took a risk – climbing out on the wet log, grabbing hold, and determined not to let go.

“We have a saying,” Busby says. “It’s called, ‘You risk a little to save a little, you risk a lot to save a lot.’ And to me, that gal hanging there was a lot.”

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and helped until a water rescue team showed up to pull the woman and Busby to safety. She’s at home recuperating — and Busby, a man of strong religious faith, is convinced why.

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