Offering Real Customization

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Marion Body Works is busy as it begins its second century in business. Started as a blacksmith shop in Marion, Wisconsin in 1905, Marion Body has produced truck bodies ever since. Materials evolved from wood to steel to aluminum but the craftsmanship of the workers at Marion in north-central Wisconsin, never wavered.

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Marion began building Rescue and Fire Apparatus out of all-aluminum in 1964. The goal was a lighter weight airport crash truck. Since then Marion has refined the design utilizing numerous proprietary aluminum extrusions to build a rugged truck including an all-aluminum sub frame. Marion’s 42 years of building all-aluminum apparatus are more than any other US builder.

Marion builds other products producing extra stability for the company and creating synergies. Marion is proud to produce award winning military platform bodies for the US Army and Marine Corps. Marion also produces van bodies for customers across the country including Safety Kleen, Penske, and Two Men and a Truck. The last product line is award winning all-aluminum cabs for chassis builders including in the fire service. This diversity allows Marion to share state of the art fabrication machinery, share the latest adhesives and fastener technologies and have a well staffed engineering department for support.

Independent for You

Marion is in the second generation of private ownership and management by the Simpson family who purchased it in 1980. Growth has been steady from $5,000,000 in sales in 1980 to a record $38,000,000 in 2005. Family members are actively managing the business for the long term and are readily available. There is no outside ownership, and Marion’s focus is on happy customers for future references. Marion is completely bondable in all 50 states.

True Flexibility

A big-little company, Marion still offers real customization. The philosophy is to over-communicate with a fire department to build the most ideal truck for their unique long-term needs. Production update website photos for each truck allow firefighters to see their new truck evolving through the production process.

More Affordable Than Ever

Marion has introduced a pre-engineered line of pumpers, rescues and tankers called the Firestorm Series. Innovative designs incorporated from the start lower costs but with the same construction methods as our premium from-scratch custom units. Utilizing expertise from building stainless bodies for others, Marion has introduced the Warrior Series of Stainless Steel trucks as a high end custom stainless product.

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