Omaha (NE) Firefighters Take Lesson on Disarming People

Omaha firefighters are learning some defensive moves from police so they can protect themselves if they encounter an armed patient like the one who allegedly opened fire in the back of an ambulance earlier this summer, injuring the paramedic tending to her, reports The Omaha World-Herald.

Over the next two weeks, all fire and rescue workers will learn to disarm people who are wielding guns, said Brandon Wilson, a spokesman for the fire department.

Officers Jon Edwards and Dustin Morris, who teach defensive tactics at the Omaha Police Academy, stopped at a fire station to show firefighters and paramedics some of the techniques used by police.

Omaha firefighters haven’t received police defense training in the past, Wilson said.

But Fire Department officials say it’s necessary to keep employees safe in the wake of the July 1 shooting of firefighter and paramedic Brock Borhart. Firefighters will receive the training annually, Wilson said.

“This specific training is to help firefighters protect themselves if an incident happens fast and police aren’t there to help,” Wilson said. “It should only be used if there is an immediate threat.”

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